Collection: Climarelle Range

Climarelle products are designed to actively regulate your temperature while you are in bed. They do this by drawing heat away from you when the temperature rises and returning that heat if the temperature drops below normal. This makes for a supremely fresh and comfortable sleeping experience. Climarelle products have a climarelle membrane on one side which is the side to sleep next to. There are no compromises either on the quality of the underlying products in the climarelle range which extends to duvets, pillows and mattress protectors. The more products from the climarelle range that you use together the greater the climarelle benefits. Climarelle duvets and pillows can also be combined with sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers from our coolmax range. Please follow the coolmax link for further details. DUE TO COVID RELATED ISSUES OUR MADE TO ORDER CLIMARELLE RANGE OF PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY TAKING 15-20 DAYS TO DELIVER.