Collection: Cotton percale pillowcases

Linenshack’s cotton percale pillowcases feature a wide range of elegant and stylish designs to enhance any home. They are made 100% from cotton and nothing else. The cottons in our percale fabric which include Egyptian cotton and fabrics from Portugal are made from high-quality combed cotton. The lightness and breathability of these pillowcases makes them ideal if you prefer a cooler bed as well as being a great choice for hot summer nights. Although cotton percale is a light fabric, the plain weave means that it is strong and durable and more resistant to snagging than other fabrics. Our cotton percale pillowcases range in thread counts from 200-400. All of them are of the highest quality with the 200 thread count being particularly light and airy. The higher thread counts inevitably require finer cotton thread in order to fit the higher number of threads into the fabric. We have avoided cotton percale fabrics with thread counts above 400 as we believe there is little difference in terms of fabric smoothness above that thread count and the fabric becomes less durable. Our stunning Egyptian cotton percale pillowcases made in Italy are, in our opinion, as good as you can get. Of course, the fact that fabrics are well-made with quality combed cotton such as those in our bed linen ranges is always more important that the thread count itself. You might also like to read our guide to cotton percale and sateen fabrics. We also have a fine range of cotton sateen pillowcases and duvet covers . Sateen fabrics are known for their smooth and silky feel and are warmer and a little heavier than percale fabrics.